put the toolbar in the same place everywhere

17 Jun 2015 19:48 #3474 von Knuddelesel
sorry that is not possible.
On every other site my modul shows the toolbar on a module position you like, but on js sites the toolbar is on a position over the js content. We can not change this.
But you kann play with stylesheets (css) to change the position of the js toolbar on js sites. Take a look on my site, the toolbar is fixed per css to the top, on non js sites and on js sites.
(I have put it in a new div container with position:fixed and top:0px) You also can moved it per css (position:absolute and eg. top:-30px) to the top to it's position on other sites.

Hope I can help you a little bit.

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17 Jun 2015 14:36 #3473 von aranudsales

I installed the module and my toolbar now appears on all the pages. On the blog page, the toolbar is on the top menu (it is perfect) but on joomsocial page (like "my profil", "message...") the toolbar is under the main menu.

Do you have a solution to have the toolbar in the top of the page in all the pages ?

Thank you

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